An Ocean Of Blue

December 17, 2019 3 min read

Scandinavian Designs gives you all the tips, tricks and inspiration for infusing your space with shades of blue. 

Before you start implementing Pantone’s Color of the Year into a redesign, take some time to plan. Remember, when we experience the world, that experience is informed by our perception of color. In design, a color scheme should take into account both the way we perceive color emotionally and how those sentiments are reflected in a room. 

Let's take red, for instance. As an accent, nothing draws the eye more quickly. Depending on the shade, red can infuse romanticism or a sense of opulence. If we look at green, different hues can impart balance in a space, or a decidedly vintage, antiquated feel. And, when it comes to blue, some see only the good old-fashioned ‘blues,’ while others laud the color's versatility.

As we know, trends in art frequently reflect movements in society. So, one thing is clear as we turn the calendar to 2020: infusing a sense of calm into our busy lives is more important than ever.

Traditional Scandinavian interiors often pair clean neutrals with organic wood tones and shades of blue, and the color can be used as both an accent and a touchstone. 

Our home decor runs the gamut from variegated indigos to lighter hues that evoke the ocean. We offer accent chairs, sofas and sectionals in everything from understated navy to upbeat, brighter shades of turquoise and sky blue. With this assortment at their fingertips, our visual team has styled a range of interior spaces that celebrate what blue can do.

Eptri Dining Room

We love this clean, bright dining room, particularly how the touches of blue tie the neutrals together. The idea of 60-30-10 is executed beautifully here (take note!), in a way that’s quintessentially Scandinavian: sixty percent pale white, thirty percent light wood tones, and blue as the lovely ten percent accent, thanks to the Messina jars and the Anselm rug.

Often, blue is considered most ideal in bedroom or office designs, spaces thought to benefit the most from soothing, serene colors. With this bedroom, we complemented the natural wood hues and creamy neutrals by adding the Santee rug in indigo and the dark blue Vang coverlet and sham. Tranquility, found.

Bolig Bedroom

For a more vibrant living space, try a complementary color scheme that incorporates blue. This room has a lively, inviting sensibility, achieved by playing off the warm walls with the lily blue Regan sofa and the Deacon chair in a brighter azure. Note how the aqua hue of the Kaldr vases accentuates the sofa. 

Regan Sofa

Now, you may have noticed how far colorful decor can take a space. We wanted to make it easy to find these pieces, so we curated our favorite home accessories, all in gorgeous shades of blue. 


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Choosing a color palette can mean the difference between a room that feels uninviting and a space that feels like home. But, with 2020 being the year of blue, we’re all getting a gift. A timeless, super-versatile color also happens to be the most on-trend. When you pair that kind of color scheme with Scandinavian-inspired furniture, the possibilities are limitless.

So, are you feeling the blues yet? Explore our website to see how infusing blue into your design can elevate any space in your home.

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