How to Measure


We want you to enjoy your new furniture the moment you place it in your home. To help make that happen, we offer the guidelines below for measuring your space accurately. Proper measurements allow your new furniture to get through your doors and fit right where you want it.


Let’s go to the room you are buying the product for. To assist you in determining if the piece you have chosen fits in your room, we have a couple of tips.

First up, the dimensions for each of our products are shown in the following order: width (W) x depth (D) x height (H). See below.


Here are two clever ways to see how your new furniture will fit in the space you’ve allotted for it:

1. Download and print graph paper. Then, sketch out the shape and dimensions of your room and draw in your existing furniture that will share the space. The lines of the grid can help guide you in determining how (and if!) your new furniture will fit in your space.


2. Use newspaper or butcher paper and create a true-to-size footprint of the item you’ve chosen. Then, place it on the floor (or wall, for art/shelving/lighting) in the spot you want to have it occupy.


Next, let’s measure the entryway or the opening that you will need to bring the item through to get it into your home. You may have determined that it will fit in your space after going through STEP ONE above, but make it easy on yourself by also making sure that it will fit through all doors, stairwells, elevators, etc. on the way to its spot!

1. Establish the best pathway from the delivery point outside your home to the exact location you plan to place your new item. (a)

2. If you live in an apartment building, or must access stairs or elevators to reach your home, you may need to measure these spaces as well. (b)

Be sure to measure the width (W), diagonal height (DH) and height (H) of any hallway and/or doorways (inside the door jams) the piece must pass through, keeping in mind any corners it must clear. (c1) & (c2)

4. Also, take note of any light fixtures, decorations, etc., that are permanently fixed in place and may become an obstacle as you try to bring the item into the desired room. (d)


5. As you measure, remember that furniture dimensions include feet, legs, bases, etc. In some cases, these parts are removable, but not always. IF the total dimensions of a piece are tight or questionable for your space, please check with Customer Care before placing your order.


If you have gone through STEPS ONE and TWO and your coveted new furniture passed all tests, then you're all set to complete your order!