Leather Care

Leather is our speciality. If you are investing in the beauty of leather, you'll appreciate knowing that at Scandinavian Designs | Dania Furniture we select the softest, most supple and highest quality leather. Our collections feature fine finishing details that may include top-stitching and mitered corners. Leather finishes vary depending on style and treatment of the hide. We carry lines dedicated to tanning their own hides, and working with some of the highest quality hides that can be found worldwide.


It often takes several hides of leather to complete one piece of furniture, which means you may encounter natural markings from hides on any piece you purchase. Because hides vary in color and texture, each one will have its own unique characteristics. Natural markings such as wrinkles and scars should not be viewed as imperfections, but rather as an assurance that you have received an authentic leather product.

  • Always read and follow care instructions provided with furniture.
  • Rotate cushions and pillows regularly to distribute wear, including turning or flipping them over if possible.
  • Dust regularly with a dry cloth.
  • Vacuum regularly with a soft brush upholstery attachment.
  • Leather furniture should be protected from exposure to sunlight and heat, including fireplaces or heater vents, which may cause leather to fade or lose its soft, supple feel.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on leather upholstery.

  • Clean spots, spills and stains with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Most liquids will initially be repelled by leather, but if left standing over an extended period of time, will be absorbed.
  • Blot any liquid immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge.
    • If necessary, use clear, lukewarm distilled water and gently wipe the spill: this does not apply to suede, which must be treated differently.
    • Wipe with a soft, clean towel or air dry.
    • If water is used, clean the entire area where the spill occurred (i.e. the entire arm or cushion).
    • Stubborn stains can be washed with a mild solution of non-perfumed, undyed soap and clear, lukewarm distilled water, then rinsed, wiped well and left to air dry: this does not apply to suede, which must be treated differently.
    • Do not dry the area using a hair dryer.
  • Butter, oil, or grease spills should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth: spots should dissipate into the leather over a short period of time.
  • We encourage you to care for and clean your leather items by using a leather-specific cleaner and conditioner, so as to not harm your furniture. All treatments should be spot-tested in an inconspicuous location prior to being administered.