Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms

October 25, 2018 2 min read

Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms
Decorating a kid's room can be a lot fun. You have a chance to let your -- and your child's -- imagination run wild to create a space that's both comforting and engaging. You'll also want to invest in quality furniture that will stand up to rough and tumble play. Fortunately, Scandinavian Designs has appealing furniture for kids that grows with them, even as their interests and tastes change.

Must-Have Furniture for Kids' Rooms

Twin Bed
Whether you plan to design your child's bedroom to look like a fairy tale or an adventure on the high seas, the furniture you choose is the foundation of the design. Here's what every kid's bedroom needs:

Bolig Bed
  • Bed: Choose a twin or full-size bed that can be used in the future for a guest room. To do this, opt for a universally appealing design like the Bolig bed, which displays a mid-century modern aesthetic that appeals to adults and a medium wood tone that blends easily with any color scheme for kids. To save space in a small bedroom, the Lukko storage bed offers built-in drawers as well as a kid-friendly upholstered headboard.

    Hayden Dresser
  • Dresser: Keep clothes, bed linens and even toys neatly organized with a dresser that's sized for kids' rooms. The Hayden dresser has six easy-to-clean white drawers and stands just 35 inches high to allow kids access to their belongings without extra help.

    Gammel Low Bookcase
  • Bookcase: Nothing supports a child's creativity and intellect like reading, but over time the number of books they collect can become overwhelming. Provide additional storage with the accommodating Gammel low bookcase. With its simple, modern style, neutral color palette and option of doors in a high gloss white, it easily fits into any contemporary kid's room.

    Rabbit Play Chairs
  • Chair: Whether you plan to create a homework center, art table or play space, a chair that's the right size for a small child will get plenty of use. Our Rabbit play chairs will spark your child's imagination while providing practical, kid-friendly seating.

For best results when designing a child's bedroom, start with neutral furniture sized for children and built to last. From there, you can choose a decorating theme and colors that your child loves to build a room that's one-of-a-kind.

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