Find the Table Shape that Fits Your Dining Room Perfectly

October 08, 2018 2 min read

Find the Table Shape that Fits Your Dining Room Perfectly
When looking for a new dining room table, you need to consider several factors. For example, make a choice based on the table shape you like best, the number of people that will normally sit at the dining room table, and the size and shape of your room.

Rectangular Dining Room Tables

If you have a rectangular dining room, your table will look best if it is also a rectangular shape. And, you’ll find the widest range of choices in this type of table because most dining rooms are rectangular. It's also the best shape if you plan to seat more than four people.

Extension Dining Table

A fixed-length table is ideal when you expect the same number of people at your table most of the time. On the other hand, if you serve meals to various sized groups, you might want to consider a rectangular extension table. Typically, rectangular tables seat four to six people comfortably. With one or more extensions, you can easily extend the length of the table to seat up to 12 people.

Square Dining Tables

Square dining tables can seat four people and provide an intimate atmosphere. Each person at the table can easily interact with every other person. In addition, each diner is equidistant from the food placed in the middle of the table.

Square Dining Table

A square extension dining table would work well when the number of diners varies. It will allow you to have the intimacy of a four-person conversation, but you can also use the extension to accommodate larger groups.

Round Dining Tables

A small space or a square room looks great with a round dining table. A round table is often the best choice for small gatherings. The shape of the table allows everyone to see their dining companions and it creates a cozy environment.

Round Dining Table

A breakfast room or a larger kitchen would be an excellent spot for a bistro table that seats two people. And, you can have some fun in an entertainment area with a round or square bar table.

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