Sofas by Style

July 24, 2018 3 min read

Sofas by Style
The pairing of the sofa and the coffee table is one of the key features of any gathering area in the house, whether it be living room, family area or the den. These two pieces of furniture are often the focus of the room they occupy, and serve as a place for friends and family to come together in your home.
Using the right pairing between the sofa and the coffee table sets the atmosphere for your guests and adds a personal touch to your home. Three of the most popular styles used today are contemporary style, modern style and rustic style - all of which have their own unique features that you can use to dress up your home.

Contemporary Sofa

Contemporary Style - Francesca Sofa

Contemporary style is the most modern design concept employed today, and it is defined by its attention to detail. The style gives off cool, modern vibes and often combines bold design features with modern minimalism. The Francesca sofa exemplifies this; and with its minimalist profile, bold impact and crisp lines, this piece is a perfect addition to any contemporary living room.

Mondiana Pairing
It would only fit that the pairing for the Francesca sofa must also be equally simple, yet refined, and must fit perfectly with the low profiles that are a hallmark of the contemporary style. The Mondiana coffee table is the perfect pairing for the Francesca sofa and is made from a smooth, sleek hardwood top cut into a timeless rectangular profile with a metallic chrome base.

Mid Century Modern Sofa

Mid-Century Modern Style - Gregata Sofa

The hallmarks of mid-century modern style include its visual simplicity, gentle lines and classic look. The Gregata sofa embodies this style perfectly, with a slightly angled, modern backrest for lounging and pronounced armrests for comfort. The Gregata sofa's style is timeless and classic with its warm tones and iconic design: the perfect exercise in modernism.

Cress Pairing
One of the greatest difficulties for many homeowners is finding the perfect distinction between styles in the living space. However, the Cress table transcends this barrier and is a perfect pairing for the Gregata. The Cress coffee table is organically shaped and made from American walnut; its unique rounded shape is eye-catching and familiar enough to be considered a modern classic.

Rustic Style Sofa

Rustic Style - Pavel Sofa

The concept displayed by rustic style revolves around natural beauty and is often described as solid, warm and relaxed. The Pavel sofa possesses all of these qualities and with its cozy, yet distinct profile, this sofa is easy to incorporate into your current decor. When Pavel is paired with the right coffee table, it truly exemplifies rustic style.

Karsten Pairing

Another common feature in rustic furniture is the use of classic materials like unfinished wood and simple metals. The Karsten coffee table is made out of these same materials, using warm wood and dark metal. It is rugged, charming, and its presence can make the room feel more homey. This coffee table also includes storage space: perfect for tucking away living room staples such as blankets and board games. Paired with the Pavel sofa, this duo forms the foundation of a rustic retreat.


Final Thoughts

These three themes are among the most iconic and well-known concepts used in interior design today and mastery of them will allow you to create a cohesive identity for the living spaces in your home. Because the pairing you use will serve as the centerpiece of your room, it is important that the style you choose feels like an extension of your own personality to create a living space you love.

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