5 Amazing Storage Beds to Help Maximize Your Space

August 30, 2018 2 min read

5 Amazing Storage Beds to Help Maximize Your Space

Do you struggle to find storage space in your bedroom? You're not the only one -- and it's even harder if you have a large family or a small room. A smart solution to making the most of the space you have is to incorporate a storage bed. You can find many functional designs without compromising on style. Whether your bedroom footprint won’t allow for nightstands and dressers or you prefer to hide possessions out of sight for a clean minimalist look, consider one of the five options below.

1. Insigna Storage Bed Insigna Storage Bed

The Insigna storage bed has a prominent frame made from iron and solid poplar, giving it a modern, rustic industrial look. It features two large storage drawers, neatly slotted in at the end of the bed. Theses drawers are as tall and wide as the bed frame to ensure space is not wasted, while blending seamlessly into the rest of the design. Iron handles are handsome finishing details that also make them easy to open and close.

2. Reflections Storage Bed Reflections Storage Bed

The Reflections storage bed is made of a beautiful cherry wood and features multiple storage drawers. Three drawers run the length of each side of the bed and blend in seamlessly by design. Incorporating storage into both sides and the foot of the bed, helps make your bedroom neat and organized by keeping your possessions easily accessible, yet hidden from view.

3. Carter Storage Bed Carter Bed

The Carter storage bed is solid and sturdy, made of an attractive grey-stained alder wood that's both modern and striking. It features two drawers at the end of the bed with handles that match the rest of the Carter furniture collection. Choosing a storage bed that is part of a collection is perfect for those who want a complete bedroom makeover and prefer a coordinated, cohesive look.

4.Karsten Storage Bed Karsten Storage Bed

The Karsten storage bed is rustic, beautiful and provides plenty of storage. Crafted from American poplar wood with an iron footboard and handles, this bed boasts two large drawers at the foot of the bed. Its smart design makes storage easily accessible and offers a touch of industrial style for added visual appeal. This eye-catching piece incorporates a smooth, live edge prominent in the angled headboard further establishing its modern rustic vibe.

5. Lukko Storage Bed Lukko Storage Bed

The Lukko storage bed has a contemporary leather look -- and plenty of space for storing almost anything you can think of. A long shelf is built into the headboard and is ideal for storing items usually found on a nightstand. The headboard also features two built-in storage cabinets, which means you don't have to keep everything on display. A wide drawer at the end of the bed is the perfect place to store bedding, while two smaller drawers on either side offer even more versatility. This bed is a standout with its clever headboard design and multiple drawers.

Our storage beds are available online and in-stores in a wide range of materials and designs, making it possible for you to find your dream bed that provides practical storage and suits your style. Start browsing for your new storage bed today.


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