How Mondiana Brings Out the Best in Contemporary Design

September 21, 2018 2 min read

How Mondiana Brings Out the Best in Contemporary Design
Contemporary Dining Room
When you look at today’s design styles, what do you see? Often the characteristics that stand out will be sleek lines, neutral colors and chic materials – everything from smooth glass to bold metals, and from natural woods to shiny veneer. These elements of interior design are what’s trending in contemporary design. If this style appeals to you, consider creating a sleek, sophisticated retreat with a new bedroom collection.

Contemporary Design for the Bedroom

We spend so many hours in a day in our bedrooms, which makes it the perfect space to decorate in contemporary style. Here you’ll be able to update your furniture, everything from your bed to your dresser, turning your room into an elegant haven rich in crisp finishes and distinctive design. You might consider replacing your bedding, rugs and wall decor as well, for the ultimate bedroom transformation. And what type of collection from Scandinavian Designs can help you achieve these goals? The answer is Mondiana.

Mondiana-Inspired Sleeping Quarters

Contemporary Bedroom
With its deep, smoky grey color palette and smooth lines, the Mondiana collection reveals cool confidence and understated elegance, two traits that happen to be hallmarks of the contemporary style.

When you incorporate the Mondiana bed into your bedroom furniture, you’ll see right away how it displays those two intriguing traits. The bed becomes the showpiece of the room, displaying the very best of contemporary design from its cool grey koto veneer to the wide plank headboard details and solid box frame.

Mondiana Bedroom Collection

Your statement bed is further enhanced when it is partnered with the Mondiana nightstand or high chest with the inset drawers that draw the eye. Adding in plenty of texture, through accent pillows, rugs, table lamps, wall art and other decor, will create the ideal contemporary space for your bedroom retreat.

Of course, there is more than one way to create a contemporary bedroom. From finding one particular collection and incorporating all matching pieces, to selecting one key piece to work into accompany your current bed, nightstand, dresser or other furniture. For example, if you begin with the Mondiana bed as your foundation, you can combine any number of furniture pieces for a look as bold as you want it to be. To show off your bedroom with the best of contemporary style, shop the Mondiana collection or any of our other contemporary styles today.

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