September 19, 2018 2 min read

Hosting a gathering for family and friends is fun, but it can be difficult to pull off without the proper furniture. A carefully chosen ensemble makes it easy to entertain year-round. Make sure you're set for success with these five essential furniture pieces for indoor entertaining:

Kelner Dining Table

1. A Dining Table

Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or throwing an all-out bash, you need a dining table to serve as a platform for a bountiful feast or party spread. A rectangular extension table provides room for many guests, while a smaller round table can give you an extra surface for serving appetizers or beverages.
Be it contemporary, rustic or mid-century modern, go for a style that matches the decor of your space. Then, dress your table up or down according to the occasion.

Fuchsia Dining Chair

2. Comfortable Chairs

Nothing can make or break the dining experience as much as comfortable dining chairs. Upholstered chairs provide ultimate comfort, but you can always add cushions to hardwood chairs for the same result. Additionally, chairs with arms allow people to kick back and relax, while armless chairs let guests move about freely. You may even opt to mix the two.
Choose chairs that are aesthetically pleasing. Pick a muted color like beige to subtly match your decor, or create visual interest with a pop of color like blue for dramatic contrast if your table is neutral in shade.

Juneau Sideboard

3. A Storage Sideboard

With cabinets, drawers and a flat top, a dining room sideboard gives you plenty of storage space for the plates, glasses, linens and silverware you'll need for entertaining. Display a table lamp on top to set the mood. You can find sideboards in a variety of styles, materials and finishes to coordinate with your other furnishings.

Curio Cabinet Akana

4. A Display Case or Curio Cabinet

Add personality to your dining room with a curio cabinet or display case, which will create a focal point and keep your treasures safe. This could be a standalone cabinet with transparent glass or a strategically placed wooden case with open shelves. Measure your space prior to selecting one, so you're sure to get the right size.
Curio cabinets comes in assorted styles and materials. Finishes range from stain to high-gloss. When making your selection, consider the items you want to show off, as well as the aesthetic you want to create. A white cabinet will stand out when you pair it with darker furniture, while a color like dark gray will blend a bit more into your room. Some cabinets come with LED lights to draw attention to what you have on display.

Kelner Dining Bench

5. Convenient Dining Benches

Use dining benches as part of your main seating arrangement or to supplement your existing one. Incorporating a dining bench is a great way to bring guests closer. The shared seating elicits a casual vibe. Having plenty of seats on hand lets you accommodate a larger number or guests and ensures you're ready for any you weren't expecting. Benches also make ideal seating for kids.

When you entertain indoors, these five furniture pieces are a must. When you use them as a springboard for arranging the perfect gathering, the rest should be easy, and a good time is sure to be had by all.

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