Mid-Century Modern Style for Dining Rooms

October 25, 2018 2 min read

Mid-Century Modern Style for Dining Rooms
Though mid-century modern design was at its height from the 1930s through the 1960s, the appeal of its clean lines and focus on function have never gone out of style. This look combines retro flair with modern comfort for a truly timeless look in your home.

Features of Mid-Century Modern Style

Baptisia Dining Table

Mid-century modern furniture
features simple geometric shapes, combining gentle angled lines with organic curves for balance. The signature angled, tapered legs provide a delicate base for functional cabinets and tables. Rather than relying on ornate carving or intricate hardware for decoration, mid-century modern furniture design emphasizes simplicity and warm wood tones.

Vidare Dining Table

Mid-century modern furniture is known for incorporating modern plastics, metal, and glass. However, furniture makers also celebrate the beauty of natural wood in rich stains that provide warmth and resonance to balance the popular use of bright pops of color and man-made materials.

Mid Century Modern Design in the Dining Room

Mid Century Modern Dining Room

The functionality of mid century modern style makes it an excellent choice for a stylish dining room that is equally capable of impressing guests at a large dinner party and supporting intimate family meals. Beginning with the Juneau extension table creates the perfect focal point, thanks to its tapered legs and rounded edges. Add the hidden extension leaf to seat up to eight guests.

Juneau Dining Table
Of course, no dining room is complete without the right chair. To carry out the mid-century modern aesthetic, select the Juneau dining chair, which echoes the organic curves of the table on the wood backrests and upholstered seat. For dining room storage or a sophisticated modern bar, the Juneau sideboard provides three cabinets with adjustable shelves. Its strong geometric lines balance the curves of the dining table and chairs, while the tapered legs coordinate with the full furniture set. Recessed handles complete the clean, streamlined look.

How to Shop for Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Furniture

Juneau Dining Collection
To celebrate mid-century modern design in your dining room, start with furniture that blends gentle lines and geometric shapes with warm wood tones. Shop for Juneau dining furniture or other beautiful mid-century modern looks online or in stores at a Scandinavian Design store near you.


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