How to Make Your Small Space Feel Large

July 13, 2018 3 min read

How to Make Your Small Space Feel Large
Small Space Furniture

Small space living is the focus of many of today’s interior design discussions as people gravitate toward living in apartments or smaller homes. The design world is identifying ways to optimize the use of space by providing furniture and decorating ideas that let you live large in a small space.

"Living Large" Solutions

Decorators and do-it-yourselfers who are accustomed to working with limited spaces know that following some basic guidelines will help you furnish your small spaces with confidence.

Keep It Light
Small spaces feel larger with a light color palette. White or light-colored walls give the illusion of more space by reflecting natural light, which also makes the space feel warm. In addition, when you use the same light color throughout the home, it makes rooms seem larger.

Keep It Clean
A room filled with several types of furniture or pieces that feature intricate designs will appear more crowded. Additionally, the use of different patterns or colors can make the room look too busy. Decorating with only the necessary pieces that display simple, clean lines creates an open, visually larger space.

Keep Wall Decor Large
You’ll find that using one large painting looks much better than two groupings of small art pieces. The room will appear smaller when there are many things present to draw the eye. In addition, a number of small pieces will make the room look crowded.

Keep Furniture in Proportion
Many people assume that small spaces will look bigger with small furniture. That’s not entirely true. While you don't want to overwhelm the room, a statement piece, such as a larger sofa, will visually extend your space.

Keep Window Dressing Expansive
Try using drapes that run from the ceiling to the floor. In addition, don't stop the drapes at the edge of the window - make them wide enough to cover as much wall space as you can on either side of the window frame. The height will make the ceiling seem higher and when you open the drapes, you’ll expose more of the window due to the width.

Acquire Furniture That Does More Than One Thing

You need to make the most of every square foot and choosing furniture that serves more than one purpose is an excellent way to accomplish that. Following are some examples:

Use a Futon for Sitting and Sleeping
The Calam futon, with clean and interesting lines adds flair to your room. The fact that it can quickly be turned into a relaxing bed makes it an ideal piece of space-saving furniture.

Use a Coffee Table With Storage
Another small space living solution is to use a dual purpose coffee table. The Tudley coffee table, for example, is the perfect piece of furniture for smaller rooms. In addition to acting as a coffee table, it has space for storage.

Use an Ottoman With Hidden Storage
When you're looking for an ottoman, look for a design that offers more than one function such as the Pauline storage ottoman. Besides functioning as a footstool, the cushioned top lets the ottoman act as additional seating and the lid lifts for easy storage.

Use Nesting Tables
Nesting tables are very functional in a small room. When the tables are "nested," they're very compact, but still serve as a side or coffee table. When you need more side surface area, use the nesting tables separately to double or triple the space you have available.

Use All Your Wall Space

You can eliminate the need for lamps to take up space on tables or floors when you use a wall lamp. Many wall lamps turn from side to side to provide just the right amount of light, in just the right place. Also, don’t forget to mount the television on the wall rather than let it take up space on a table or media stand.

Use Storage That Extends Up, Not Out

Bookshelves make a lot of sense in a small space because they save floor space and are extremely versatile. For example, the Magrit modular wall unit not only provides vertical storage, but it can include a desk as well. It's a perfect solution for apartment living.

Meet the Challenge with Confidence!

If you’re faced with the challenge of making a small space feel large — or if you’re just inspired by clean, simple lines and beautiful finishes — the furniture for small spaces at Scandinavian Designs will help you meet your design goals. Shop our wide selection of small space furniture online or in one of our stores near you.

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