3 Sit Stand Desks that Provide Flexibility to Your Workspace

August 31, 2018 2 min read

3 Sit Stand Desks that Provide Flexibility to Your Workspace
The popularity of sit stand desks is on the rise thanks to an increasing focus on general health and fitness. Sit stand desks allow people to make the choice to either sit while they work or stand, giving them flexibility with just one piece of furniture. If you're looking to purchase a sit stand desk for your workspace, check out three sit stand styles we're excited about.

3 Sit Stand Desk Designs

The following sit stand desks are a few of our customer favorites available today.

Network Desk

Network Sit Stand Desk
The Network desk is a popular option for those who like power at the touch of a button. This sit stand desk has a motorized adjuster to raise and lower the tabletop and frame to different heights in order to meet your comfort level. Its modern design and variety of finishes (white, cherry, and venge) allow it to coordinate well with all other office furniture and decor.

The Jensen Double Sit Stand desk

Jensen Sit Stand Desk
Do you have multiple people working in the same room? Need to create a collaborative office environment? Consider incorporating the Jensen Double Sit Stand desk into your workplace. This double sit stand desk has two tabletops that raise and lower independently, so that two people can adjust their desk heights exactly as they’d like. A optional privacy screen visually divides the two workspaces, while still providing the opportunity to partner up. The double sit stand desk is an excellent solution for professionals that work in teams or for offices that need to efficiently accommodate multiple people within a smaller floor plan.

The Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable Height Desk
The Adjustable Standing desk is ideal for people who want mobility and like having the option of standing or sitting throughout their day. With its gas lift mechanism and simple lever, adjusting the tabletop height becomes a one-handed operation. The fact that this clever desk also has a set of wheels and does not require electricity, means you are free to move about the office and roll up to your co-worker to tackle a project together or plan for the staff meeting.

If you’re tired of always working while seated and would like more flexibility while on the job, consider a sit stand desk. Being able to adjust your position throughout the day from sitting to standing means you’ll be more comfortable as you complete your tasks, which may even help improve your productivity! For a variety of modern contemporary office furnitureto suit your needs, visit Scandinavian Designs online or in a store near you.

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